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MHC MiniStudy©
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Material Handling Consultants, Inc. is a World Class industrial engineering firm which specializes in the planning, design, integration, and implementation systems for the manufacturing, transportation, and distribution industries. 



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The objective of our MiniStudy© is to provide management the necessary information to make critical business decisions about a very specific operational problem or opportunity in a timely and efficient manner.


We focus all efforts and attention on addressing specific operational or procedural problems and/or resolving questions relating to the proper use and deployment of integrated systems technology. Listed below are some of the examples of areas that can be successfully addressed through a Mini-Study©.

  • Problems that presently exist
  1. Meeting targeted system through-put levels
  2. Obtaining acceptable levels of accuracy (order fulfillment, performance information, inventory, shipping)
  3. Achieving a balance in assembly operations when reducing batch sizes
  4. Maintaining mechanical and electrical systems
  5. Review existing systems and processes to evaluate their efficiency and recommend incremental productivity improvements
  • Anticipated problems due to changes in volume
  1. The impact of increasing volumes on specific operations
  2. The impact of decreased volumes on specific operations
  3. The impact in upstream or downstream operations due to changes in a manufacturing process or distribution procedure
  • Determining the impact of new technology on a specific operation
  1. General arrangement and physical changes in spatial requirements
  2. Integration of new mechanical and electrical equipment with existing mechanical, electrical, and controls systems
  3. Anticipation of changes in staffing, work station layouts, information handling, and job assignments

Scope of Work

The MiniStudy© will encompass several but not necessarily all of the normal steps in managing a project. In a limited and focused fashion, we will address the following elements:

  • Project goals and expectations . . . we will work together to prepare the scope of the project
  • Gather information . . . we will submit a survey form to you that will be completed and returned to us 7 to 10 days prior to beginning the study
  • Develop conceptual layout . . . changes that involve modification to existing general arrangements will be prepared only in sufficient detail to convey the overall concept
  • Set project schedule . . . we will develop an anticipated overall high-level estimate of the project duration
  • Establish preliminary cost justification . . . we will jointly identify the elements affected by the proposed changes in the operation
  • Prepare preliminary project budget . . . we will provide a budgetary estimate of the costs of proposed changes


The above information and our analysis of the rates and procedures will be assembled, bound, and submitted in report form.

We often include manufacturers’ product information and catalog cuts that we believe will strengthen the understanding of the benefits as well as the limitations of the equipment or approach under consideration.

We may include comments relating to other potential operational and/or technological improvements, which we believe, may enhance either the operation under study or perhaps in another upstream or downstream operation that was not under study.


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