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Inductive Methods Integration Survey©
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Material Handling Consultants, Inc. is a World Class industrial engineering firm which specializes in the planning, design, integration, and implementation systems for the manufacturing, transportation, and distribution industries. 



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Inductive Methods Integration Survey©

In all companies, operational processes and technologies evolve at differing rates. At the same time, changes in corporate missions, operational philosophies, management personnel, and competition force change.

As a result, they can add an unnecessary cost burden to not only one operation in the process, but often in both upstream and downstream operations as well.

Over time, these forced or "Inductive" inefficiencies become inherited "legacies" and "artifacts." No one remembers why and how they evolved; "It’s just the way we’ve always done it."

  • We classify a "legacy" as an outmoded process or procedure that is no longer efficient but still must be performed.
  • An "artifact" may best be defined as a physical obstacle employees must work around in some inefficient manner. Managers and operations personnel accept them and work around them each day.

We have found this is common in many mature operations and have developed a proven methodical approach designed to identify and eliminate some of these specific types of problems. We call it our . . . "Inductive Methods Integration Survey©" . . .


The purpose of this survey is to quickly and efficiently analyze various elements of an existing operation. We then determine how effectively these evolving processes and variety of different generations of technology have been blended together to serve management’s best interests. We conduct the survey during a single day on site. In performing this survey, we will:

  • Review your present operational process from order entry through shipping
  • Identify what technologies are in use today and how effectively they are being used
  • Classify "legacy" processes and "artifacts"
    Identify other methods or technologies that may be adapted to your operation


Upon completion of the survey and our subsequent analysis, we will provide a written report of our findings within 5 working days.

We will identify "legacy" processes and "artifacts" as well as list specific improvements that you may wish to consider integrating into your operation. 


We can help you take the risk out of evaluating new technology for your operation.

We can help you better understand what works well in your operations and what improvements may be made.

We will offer possible solutions that can improve your bottom line.


We can assist you in implementing these changes and in the training of your people.


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